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We understand most people don’t like thinking about taxes. There are numerous rules and regulations that can change frequently, and these changes can have a severe impact on your income and your assets, ultimately affecting how much of your retirement money you get to use or keep. This is why it is so important to have tax strategies built into your overall financial plan.

An approach different than most. 

Our approach to taxes is all about efficiency. We start by taking the time to teach you the basics of taxation. With the help of tax professionals, we review your sources of income and deductible expenses, as well as strategic ways to minimize the tax you pay and maximize your potential tax refunds on a yearly basis. We then take the time to build your investment portfolio around these tax advantages.

We don’t stop there. Next we apply strategies that account for capital gains tax, income tax, estate tax, Social Security tax, and more to ensure you aren’t paying a penny more than you have to in taxes. We partner with experienced CPAs and accountants with intimate knowledge of the tax code; likewise, we can work with you year-round to ensure your tax strategy stays aligned with your financial goals.

“Many people do not realize they can save thousands of dollars in taxation each year simply by how they organize their assets.”

Jared Thompson

* Wealth Partners, nor any of its members, are tax accountants or legal attorneys, and do not provide tax or legal advice. For tax or legal advice, you should consult your tax or legal professional.

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