Protecting your future.

You’ve worked hard to save for your financial future. So what happens if you get sick or injured? What if you pass away unexpectedly? Will your loved ones be taken care of? What if the market crashes?

The truth is managing your financial risk is a key component to a successful financial plan. Insurance helps to protect your financial income and assets from the unexpected and provides peace-of-mind for you and your family.

Understanding your needs.

Since everyone’s needs are different, getting to know you is an important part of our process. We take into account your health, your family history, and where you see yourself in the future. We walk you through the benefits and tradeoffs for any type of insurance, all to help safeguard your path from obstacles that can prevent your financial goals from becoming a reality.

As a fiduciary advisor, we only operate with your best interest in mind. We partner with only the most reputable insurance companies that we know will best suit your needs. Our only motivation is to give you the most honest and unbiased advice possible.

Making the right choice for your situation.

There are many different types of insurances available. How do you know what to choose? Depending on where you are in your life, we’ll help you understand which option(s) are right for you.


Unfortunately, we will at some point in our lives pass away. For our family, this can be a major change when one income stream suddenly stops, making life insurance a critical part of every smart financial plan. It’s designed to help ensure your financial plan stays on track, even if you’re not there to see it through.


Until you retire, your ability to work is one of your most valuable assets. A sudden injury or health issue can take that away, having a severe impact on your income. Disability insurance protects you and your family by helping to cover everyday expenses if you are suddenly unable to work.


A health situation requiring long-term care can happen at any time, but occurs most often at an advanced age. Long-term care insurance is designed to assist you should you not be able to do some of the basics of daily living like eating, bathing, and dressing.


Annuities are a way to provide some security on your investment dollars or the income those investment dollars may provide through insurance companies. In its most basic form an annuity is an insurance policy that can act as an investment with a guaranteed return, but is based on the claims paying ability of the offering insurance company. They can also be a great alternative to some other forms of insurance, depending on your unique situation.

Your Protection. Our Focus.

Let us get to know you — your concerns and your dreams — and we’ll help you make a financial plan that helps keep your financial future protected.

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