November 30, 2020

If you filled in the blank for the phrase “2020 was the Year of _________.” how would you choose to complete it? Would you use the word “Covid-19”, “Adaption”, “Family”, “Change”, “Sorrow”, or others? What you choose to fill the blank with matters. It matters to you and it matters to your team at Wealth Partners.

Our firm has filled in that blank with many descriptive words as we have navigated the rising and falling of financial markets and helped clients cope with forced and deliberate job status changes. We have also observed our friends endure serious health crises, with some, unfortunately, passing away. Undoubtedly, the events of 2020 will have an impact on our lives we will not soon forget.

Our sincere hope is that each of you are healthy and are finding at least a few positive outcomes amidst all the unprecedented change going on around us. If this year has been difficult for you, we hope to share some news that may brighten your outlook, at least a little. It involves additional change, but we are pleased to share that these changes are positive and will affect us all for the better. Often small changes go unnoticed, and at other times more dramatic changes demand notice. This letter is meant to help all friends and clients take close notice.

Effective today, we have several positive changes we are pleased to share with you:

  • Our primary office in Mequon, Wisconsin is moving to a larger location in Cedarburg, WI. Though only a few miles away, this location will be more accommodating for our growing team and local clients. The new address is: W62N582 Washington Avenue, Cedarburg, WI 53012

  • Wealth Partners will now be known as TVG Financial to help unify and consolidate our wealth management brand with our tax management brand. The union with our reputable CPA partners of The VanderBloemen Group (TVG) back in 2018 has proved to be one of the most strategic and beneficial moves for our clients to-date and we’re proud to adopt this business and household name that has served Southeast Wisconsin since 1989.

  • Going forward, TVG Financial will utilize the independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) of Mutual Advisors, LLC. This timely move will allow us to utilize better technology, lower operating costs, and adopt better compliance and best practices. Our team will help you seamlessly take advantage of these services starting today. Your accounts, account numbers, and fees will remain the same.

You may be asking, “With a new name, a new location, and new RIA, what hasn’t changed?” The answer is simple: everything that matters most. Your wealth management team remains intact, now with a little more room to grow and even better resources. Amy, Steven, Christy, Nick, Todd, Marc, and Jared will continue to serve you and provide you with the same high fiduciary standard we always have.

Most sincerely,

Your TVG Financial Team


And we’re not just a different kind of financial company. We’re a financial company that is making a difference.

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